Our revolutionary Luxury Modular homes put you on the fast track to move-in.

Meridian Homes is proud to be a leader in Luxury Modular home construction. It’s an approach that’s right for our times and for the traditional, high-end personality of communities in Maryland, Northern Virginia and Washington, DC. Think of Luxury Modular as Modular 2.0 – the sophisticated next generation of a proven technique. Your home is created on-demand to meet your design requirements. Primary construction occurs in an indoor, climate-controlled setting. It’s an extremely green approach employing sustainable materials, capturing and re-using of waste, and consuming less energy. And your completed home is of the highest quality: built to exacting tolerances, meeting or exceeding all code requirements. But you don’t have to “look under the hood” of this construction process to appreciate the greatest benefit of a Luxury Modular residence. Your new home can be fully customized, built and ready to occupy in just 100 days from the time the foundation is poured, which is much less time than a major renovation for roughly the same cost. You eliminate uncertainties and delays because of weather, sub-contractor availability and inspections. As a result there are significant labor savings and tighter control of the overall construction budget. Your Luxury Modular home defies the clichés of “modular construction.” Our homes have exceptional architectural character that fits the context of your neighborhood. Your neighbors will admire the end result—as well as the minimal disruption and traffic you cause during construction. We’d love to show you plans and explain how a Luxury Modular home can make your dreams of a new residence come true more quickly than you ever imagined. Please contact us or call 301-652-4440.

Meridian's Luxury Modular Homes - These homes, your lot, built in 100 days - The Aspen, The Cypress, The Elm and The Aspen II, in keeping with the unique advantages of luxury modular construction, can be fully customized, built and ready for you to occupy in just 100 days from the time the foundation is poured, on your lot or one that we find for you. These beautiful homes are of the highest quality: built to exacting tolerances. You could be living in a brand new energy-efficient home in a fraction of the time it takes for a major renovation on your existing home. And, this method of construction has low impact on your new neighbors with reduced noise, decreased material waste, and fewer trips to and from the job site by subcontractors. Please contact us today to find out more about these beautiful residences and the sustainable techniques and materials that go into their quality construction.


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